Friday, September 11, 2009

bubuncitkuh <33

haha , muke tk bole blah due2.
baru balek dari shopping ;)

my lovely teddybear <33

love is like a lumph of gold ,
hard 2 get and hard 2 hold .
of all the boys i've ever meet ,
ur the one i can't forget .
i do believe the god above ,
created you for me 2 love .
he choosed you from all the rest ,
bcz he knew i would love you best .

when 2 hearts are meant 2 be ,
no matter how long it takes ,
no matter how far they go ,
no matter how tough it seems .
fate will bring them together to share a life forever <33

i trust you is a better compliment than I LOVE YOU
bcz you may not always trust the person you LOVE
but you can always LOVE the person you trust.

i love you and i miss you so much ;(

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